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Shopkick is an American company based in Silicon Valley that created a shopping app for smartphones and tablets that offers users rewards for shopping activities both online and in-stores such as walking into stores, scanning items, making in-app or in-store purchases, and submitting receipts. Users are awarded "kicks" for these actions and can exchange them for rewards in the form of mobile gifts.

A disappointed customer shares her experience on Influenster, "I have used Shopkick for 4 years all was well with it for the first 2 years cashed in on 75,000 points used at best buy. Lost my cell and did not remember if I set it up on Gmail or yahoo I could not get it to log in on Gmail so I tried yahoo and set up my password and I started adding points got up to 125000 last 02=01=2020 needed a new cell so I tried to get a card from best buy Shopkick said cell # was not validated or was already in use. but up to this time I was getting emails to yahoo about my points and balance I sent 15 email Shopkick help I would get a robot response because of the COVID 19 it would take 72 hrs for help 2 weeks go by and nothing. I am not getting updates on this anymore because my Shopkick was deleted and not by me. I was saving for a scooter 750000 points. I had a lot of time in this don’t make the same mistake as I did shame on you Shopkick."


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anonymous (Former Employee) says

"poor leadership team running the company. many have no idea what they're doing and react harshly without thinking about the bigger mission and company goals/objectives."

Director of Production (Former Employee) says

"You will love the people you work with. It is a great experience. You will work hard and get a great experience. The new CEO is not the right choice for the company. Before, my rating of shopkick and my experience would be 6 out of 5."

Amanda says

"It's looking like they ban your account without letting you know - so you accumulate points with no chance of redemption. I'd stay far away from this app unless you want to waste your time."

Tin Tin says

"they will cancel your account anytime so redeem points as soon as you accumulated enough points.."

Joy Davis says

"I used to love Shopkick. Not anymore. I’ve had kicks deleted from my receipts in spite of purchasing exactly what’s on the app. The latest is 250 kicks for one item submitted yesterday. They have deleted kicks on EVERY single one of my November receipts. That plus numerous items that will not scan, makes for a crappy shopping experience. Yesterday it was one item of a bundle that refused to scan. Frustrating! Takes almost a week for customer service to respond."

Michaelle Cherizard says

"Shopkick is a horrible app 😢, for walking i didn't get none of my points. I make claims, no one got back to me. I emailed them, I'm still waiting on those claims."

Kelly Hunter says

"Shopkicks is a scam. It used to be good, but ever since the pandemic started, they have been cheating me out of kicks. I recently bought an item worth a little over 1000 kicks and after taking days to process, I check the app to see that it’s only processing 175 kicks. And this has happened each time. Customer service is absolutely no help. I can send in screen shots showing the amount of kicks that were supposed to be processed, resubmit the receipt, and still get the middle finger. It would be different if it was just walk ins or scans, but this is actual money being spent. I’m done with this POS app."

robert mulligan says

"I have been trying to contact customer support with my shokicks unfortunately now they say my account does not exist I had a 125000 points A little bit hard to swallow with all the time spent I was saving for emergency then this pandemic happen thats when I tried to start getting gift cards for food shopkick had a different plan for me and they deleted my account i don't even get updated product info i think we should go after this company for fraud"

Taylor says

"I’m not able to redeem my kicks because my phone number is not verifying and no one is helping me from Shopkick.Im very annoyed and disappointed because I used to love the app and it worked."

LaDonna Washington says

"A lot of people have been suspended from shopkick without an explanation. My 70 year old father who has 2 titanium hips and can not walk a lot was suspended and he only does walk-in's and scans in the area he lived and 30 miles away where he goes to the doctor. I have attempted to contact them on his behalf several times, they responded once and ignored all other responses."

Rhodora Bendanillo says

"very very disappointed with shop kick. I was able to use the benefit last year. then trying to get kicks and i was on $3000 PLUS , then all of a sudden i was kicked out and return to 0 . i just don't understand."

Peggy says

"I really had fun with shopkick being handicap it gave me a way to earn a gift card and feel like I was doing something for my family, then they took my kicks away for the second time so I deleted it."

Rodney says

"I still haven't received my stuff it's been over a month I haven't heard from no one yet an I gave you $50 money don't grow on trees I need my stuff."

Alex Parker says

"Why did Shopkicks ask me to review them after they blacklisted me?"

David says

"Shopkick has received a 1-star rating from me at this time due to its inappropriate timing of requesting such a review after a mere 3-day new account creation. It is arrogant and hasty [of any Company] to request a review of any kind in such an extremely short period, especially when your specific email clearly ASSUMED that I was ‘enjoying my shopping experience with Shopkick!’ Really? I hadn’t even had the opportunity to use the program for the first time in the 3-days since my account creation.

I may provide another and thorough review of the Shopkick program at an appropriate period of time AFTER I have used the app for several months. That, incidentally, is when you should be soliciting users to request a review - and not before."

LovingMe_ Jan says

"I was banned for supposedly breaking a rule, they claimed I had scanned photos, instead of the actual item. A total lie, I had been doing Shopkick for over 6 years. I agree with some of the other reviews, I was a frequent shopper and noticed the last 3 weeks it was taking them longer to reward me for my purchases made of a item. I think they want more people that only use the app occasionally, and not someone like me that was doing it daily. Not only did they ban me, they also wouldn’t allow me to cash out on my points."

Robin says

"I love Shopkick however they are showing a lot of political ads and apparently this is a Republican app. I have emailed them stating I don't want to see any political ads and why am I but they haven't stopped. I'm sick of politics!"

CJ White says

"I really like shopkick but I am frustrated with them. They suspend my account I got a new phone added my shopkick to it and they suspend my account. I've reported it to them and no one will respond. Frustrated !!!!"

Kim Dobbs says

"I used to love shopkick but it would suspend me for no reason and I just got tired of everytime I try to make an account it just suspends me so I'm over it. There's tons of other apps to participate in that's not keeping me in a store for a long period of time and I don't end up spending money on silly stuff."

Anastasia says

"This is a great ideal app! But apparently when one group of kids get caught cheating (however you cheat at shopping) then Shopkick makes everyone suffer by assuming & not actually investigating the usere that are innocent. My account got "Suspended" for "suspicious activity", where I live we have two walmarts that are literally 1 mile from one another... I guess that makes me a cheat? I have no clue because while they told me they were looking into my account, they never told me why I got suspended in the first place.

The trust and communication definitely needs work. It was an epic idea, poorly executed.
Way to Go "Ready, Fire, Aim!""

Betsy Reeves says

"I have always enjoyed shopkick until the last few weeks. almost all quick kicks have been Biden campaign. I don't need anyone to try to sway my vote. As a business you need to be unbias. Clearly your not. If you can't report both sides don't report any."

Christy Johnson says

"I've been with Shopkicks almost a decade. I didn't contact them because I had read the reviews and seen where people had been suspended because of fraudulent activity. First off, Shopkicks has a lot of bugs. It can appear that someone is doing something illegal even though they aren't. Even a court of law has a trial. Shopkicks doesn't do this. Instead they suspend you and take away your points and ban you. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I don't regret having used the app but I don't think that they are dealing with their own issues. Instead, they ban people who aren't cheating or if they do, most of the time, Shopkick doesn't do anything to dissuade it until later. Read the reviews. There's a lot of disgruntled people out there. It makes it appear that Shopkicks isn't a good company."